New Sessions now available!

Winter Mini Sessions

You asked, and we listened!

We're excited to be offering some new Mini Sessions during winter.

Based off what you guys have told us, you want:
Best Friend Minis
Family Minis
Princess/Prince Minis
Winter Wonderland Minis
Pet Minis
Grandparent Minis
Magical Garden Minis


Mini Sessions are quick, pre-designed set-ups. A mini session runs for approximately 15-30 minutes only.

At the moment, we are seeing which sessions will be the most popular. The Mini Session prices will start at R900 and go up from there.

Form is available at the bottom of the page to register your interest in these sessions.

Please note:

Mini Sessions

We will be adding images to this page as we shoot promos for the session types. Please keep checking back for updated information.

Registering on the form will allow us to stay in touch with you and advise you when the sessions you want will be available.

Photos aren't of the set-ups provided - please check back for updated photos.

Pet & Me Sessions

A little sneak of what's to come - click on the video to see full video.

Best Friends Mini

A sneak peek of what's to come - click on video to view full video.

Please check all that apply to you.

You understand that the Mini Sessions are limited. This is just a registration form, and no payment is required yet. There is no guarantee that these sessions will happen - we are just checking interest now. Once the sessions are launched, you will receive information via our mailing list for the sessions you requested. Pressing Submit will act as your electronic signature.

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